Our Community

Homebase is committed to thoughtfully developing in thriving communities

Our Mission

Investing In Community

Investing in our communities has been HBP’s top priority since 2013. Our developments create hundreds of jobs, homes, work environments, exciting destinations, and significantly more property tax revenue for local infrastructure like parks, libraries, public safety, and roads.

Urban Vitality

We believe in revitalizing downtowns by designing urban infill projects that transform underutilized buildings and land. We set the standard for creating exciting and walkable neighborhoods with a mix of housing, hospitality, and commercial opportunities.

Unique Opportunities

HBP is building for the future, which makes us experts at playing the long game. We have a proven track record of identifying opportunities with immense potential and guiding them through complicated development processes.

Bespoke Design

We surround ourselves with best-in-class architects, planners, and engineers to create award-winning projects. We seamlessly blend innovative modern design and cutting-edge technology with thoughtful details that complement neighborhood character and honor its history.

Our Values

Positive Transformation

We are passionate about making a positive impact on every community we touch. It’s why we create stunning housing opportunities, vibrant mixed-use developments, and hospitality destinations – to breathe life into places lacking energy and cohesion.

Innovative Design

Beautiful, cutting-edge design is the hallmark of every HBP project. By listening to and learning from our collective design partners, we can adapt swiftly to the ever-changing real estate landscape. We are nimble and fast to market.

Sustainable Construction

We take our environmental responsibility seriously. We design efficient buildings, use sustainable construction materials, and create infill projects that support a car-free lifestyle instead of contributing to urban sprawl. It’s the kind of smart growth that city planners champion.

Timeless Aesthetics

We love cities with rich architectural history and distinctive character. In our work, we respectfully and artfully strike a balance between the cultural context, historical materials, and contemporary aesthetics.

Community Investment

Respecting Environments

We believe in building up, not out. By focusing on urban infill, HBP can create walkable and bikeable communities and help slow the pace of sprawl that threatens open space, agriculture land, and outdoor amenities.

Preserving Open Space

Open space is a precious resource, and HBP wants to help protect it. By repurposing underutilized properties in the dense downtown core, our projects require less government investment in infrastructure compared to new suburban development.

Enhancing Relationships

Every HBP project is successful because it’s a true team effort. We collaborate with architects, engineers, planners, city officials, lenders, investors, and community members. We always start by engaging local stakeholders to understand potential hurdles and opportunities.

Elegant Balance

HBP is keenly aware that infill development will impact its surrounding neighbors. Each project is thoughtfully planned and designed to strike a balance between redevelopment, economics, market tendencies, and neighborhood character.

Defining Success

Enhancing Local Commerce

Have you heard of the 15-minute city? We embrace this smart urban growth model for a walkable, bikeable downtown, where everything you need is close to home. Markets, cafes, banks, boutiques, bookstores, theaters, offices, and places of worship… This is where community and commerce thrive.

Embracing Flexibility

How people want to live, work and play is an ever-changing dynamic. That’s why we stay as flexible as possible during the development process. It’s the secret to our ability to adapt to evolving market demands.

Redefining Live and Work Space

We keep a close eye on emerging real estate trends by collaborating with market consultants, architects, and planners. We know where people want to live and work and what those environments should look like.

Rewarding Returns

HBP’s outstanding track record of success includes providing above-market returns to investors. Our proven strategies – from our market analysis to key acquisitions to efficient design – position every project to thrive.

Explore the HomeBase Community

The Henry


West Villard Street & North Tracy Avenue
Bozeman, MT

One 11 Lofts 2.0

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111 W Lamme St
Bozeman, MT

Black Olive

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110 E Olive St
Bozeman, MT

AC Hotel Missoula Downtown

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139 E Main St
Missoula, MT

AC Hotel Bozeman

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110 N Tracy Ave
Bozeman, MT

The Element Bozeman


25 E Mendenhall St
Bozeman, MT

The Crossing

Live Neighborhood

Bozeman, MT


Live Neighborhood

Southbridge Drive
Bozeman, MT

Residence Inn Missoula Downtown


125 N Pattee St
Missoula, MT

Mountain View

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205 N Tracy Ave
Bozeman, MT

The Merin

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116 N Bozeman Ave
Bozeman, MT

Block M


20 N Tracy Ave
Bozeman, MT

The Ives

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301 N Willson Ave
Bozeman, MT

AC Hotel St Louis

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215 York Ave
St. Louis, MO

AC Hotel Clayton

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227 S Central Ave
Clayton, MO

5 West

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5 W Mendenhall St
Bozeman, MT

One 11 Lofts

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111 W Lamme St
Bozeman, MT

North Central

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Bozeman, MT